Six years ago, when my wife got her first teaching assignment for the British Council in a bilingual project in her home town, it seemed an ideal opportunity for her to take up and I was more than encouraging. However, it came with an incredible price. I had to be away from our only child then – Varrun. She left for Spain to take up her first job with the child in tow and I was left in Kolkata pining for her and our only child Varrun, who was just four then. It was painful and at times the agony would leave me insane. It is then that I felt that I ought to do something constructive about it than wallow in my misery... I asked myself what I feel...and the answer was clear and simple: I AM MISSING VARRUN!

From that thought was born this creative fiction - MISSING VARRUN.

I also felt that someday when my son would grow up he would read how much I loved and missed him... This book was actually written for my son. Never imagined that it would be published and many would care to read about a father's longing for his only son.


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